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Traditional method of the skin wrinkle and elasticity care

To treat the skin elasticity and wrinkle care, crow’s feet, in particular, you could inject the fillers into the skin with pain or apply functional cosmetics on the skin. But most of active ingredient of cosmetics can not reach to the inner dermis because of hard corneum (dead skin cell) and epidermis.

Micro Filler Patch(MFP) Technology

Our MFP Technology™ is advanced “Deep infusion technology” for excellent wrinkle care and skin elasticity enhancement. It is cosmetic application of “Dissolving micro needle technologies which were developed for painless drug delivery system. Needle-shape “Strong micro structures” are made by cosmetic fillers, Hyaluronic acid. When it attached on the skin, these fillers and ingredients infuse into the dermis after penetrate the corneum.

Wrinkle Patch

Introducing advanced wrinkle treatment system at home. Wrinkle Patch is a revolutionary wrinkle removal and skin elasticity revival system, designed by our [MFP Technology™]. Hundreds of needle-shape structures are composed of 99.9% Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the primary ingredient found in the wrinkle fillers used by dermatologists. Hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits to the skin. Higher levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid are related to skin that is more supple and resistant to wrinkles and fine lines.

Adenosine of patch penetrates deeply into the skin to help prevent wrinkles, reduce UV B sun damage. It is particularly effective for peri orbital wrinkles(crow’s feet) and glabellar (forehead) frown lines. It increases the production of dermal fibroblast proteins (elastin and collagen) reducing skin sagginess and improving tone. It also increases blood flow to the outer layers of skin improving damage repair and cell volume resulting in a fuller appearance.

Major effects of Wrinkle Patch

  • Instantaneous moisturizing & filling effects
  • Smooth wrinkles and repair the damaged skin cell
  • Reducing skin sagginess and improving tone


1) After cleansing, dry the skin.
2) Open the pouch and take the patches out from the plastic case carefully.
(Be careful not to touch the center area with fingers).
3) Remove the white films on the patches and attach it on the desired area.
4) Remove the transparent films and press vertically the patches on the skin several times with your fingers.
5) Remove the patches after 2 hours(or next morning) and clean the face. ※ 2 or 3-day interval or 2 times per week is recommended for regular use.


1) Discontinue use or consult dermatologist if irritation, itching or swelling appears after applying the product.
2) Avoid applying patches on the wounded, inflamed or other uncomfortable skin parts.
3) Cautions for the storage and handling a)Keep out of children. b)Avoid hot or cold and direct sunlight. c) After unpacking, use the patches immediately to prevent deterioration.