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CO2 Skin Self is effective against a variety of wounds (from surgery, acne and others), chapped skin, lipolysis, especially wrinkles around eyes, dark circles and hair loss. This device is safe because it uses carbon dioxide which is not harmful to the human body. It has fewer side effects than existing laser or high frequency therapy which uses thermal energy. It enables simple and quick care because of the excellent portability. It can be also applied to compound therapy with other skin therapies (including lasers, fillers or PRP). The areas after treatment stimulate collagen and elastin so that skin resilience is improved and active oxygen is increased. Existing melanin is quickly discharged and melanin generation is inhibited. Human Technology For Healthy Future Snow White Magical Injection

2 Step Effect of CO2 Skin Self

Step 1 Effect by physical stimulation

Carbon dioxide induces new skin tissues by spreading into and exfoliating the dermis layer.

Step 2 Effect by biochemical stimulation

Oxygen secretion is increased on the treated areas by the chemical reaction of carbon dioxide on the exfoliated dermis layer and then collagen is regenerated and the skin is whitened.

CO2 Skin Self Operating Basics


  • Bohr Effect : CO2 + H2O →H+ + HCO3-
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis
  • Neo-angiogenesis Effect

Advantage of CO2 Skin Self

  • No inconvenience in daily life and a quick recovery after treatment.
  • Almost no side effects because carbon dioxide, which is not harmful to the human body, is used.
  • An improvement in the effects of treatment through the combined application with other treatments (transplantation of fat, fillers, lasers, high frequency, PRP and others).
  • Almost no pain compared to other surgeries.
  • Safe application, even for areas which require very careful consideration.
  • A short time for surgery because of good portability and a proper design for treatment.
  • Compatible with a variety of needles.